Archiv für den Monat: November 2016

May we take this opportunity to dedicate every ounce of our energy, talent, ability, magic and more to stand with and for each other.


May we huddle together to plan our strategic next steps. May we be open to what we don’t know. May this make us want to be better. May our hunger to learn more about our past, our present and our future possibilities become ferocious.

12.11. (Sa) Netzwerktreffen Care – Chancen, Arbeit, Räume, Existenz, Alte Kaserne Zürich, Kanonengasse 16, 15-21h

18. & 19.11. (Fr, Sa) Dokumentarfilm Genderwonderland von Michelle Biolley im Theater Stadelhofen

20.11. (So) Film & Podium, SOTTOSOPRA, Kino Lichtspiel Bern, 14:30h

25.11.16 (Fr), Abendspaziergang gegen Gewalt an Frauen, 19h Kunsthaus ZH

25.11.-8.12., 16 Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen

4.12. (So) Sie zum Beispiel. Frauen machen Geschichte(n) – jetzt! Carmel Fröhlicher-Stines & Cintia Meier-Mesquita mit Jovita Pinto & Joyce Kalumba in der frau*m

May every white feminist become fiercely intersectional and deeply suspicious of the fact that 53% of white women voted for white-supremacist misogyny.

May we not give up. Not now, not ever.